DoctorBill wrote:
DoctorBill wrote:
When I send E-Mail, sometimes I get a 'Copy Complete' window popping up
and sometimes not...

Every once in a while, the window has the active bar sweeping across the window and the window has to be canceled or it sits there sweeping away forever - unless canceled.

Why does this happen?

What is different than the normal thing where I don't see it ?


I guess this "problem (?)" is now a non-issue since I will soon be loading up SM 2.0....

Think I will wait maybe a week or so to be sure all the "Bugs" are removed. I gots ta learn all the new stuff...just as I got to know the old stuff, they changes it....Blimy mate...!


I have the same problem .... hanging pop-up when the mail has been sent.
Why are you convinced that this bug is solved in SM 2.0 ?
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