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When I send E-Mail, sometimes I get a 'Copy Complete' window popping
 up and sometimes not...

Every once in a while, the window has the active bar sweeping across
the window and the window has to be canceled or it sits there
sweeping away forever - unless canceled.

Why does this happen?

What is different than the normal thing where I don't see it ?


I guess this "problem (?)" is now a non-issue since I will soon be
loading up SM 2.0....

Think I will wait maybe a week or so to be sure all the "Bugs" are

I have the same problem .... hanging pop-up when the mail has been sent.
 Why are you convinced that this bug is solved in SM 2.0 ?

It hasn't been, through the 2.0 RC1 that I downloaded. I've been wondering
 if I changed the settings NOT to save a copy for Sent messages, would
that problem go away. I guess if this doesn't get fixed in the 2.0 final
version I'll get around to testing it. ;) bj

I saw this window (just once) in RC1 also.


It's happened several times with me, which is normal for previous versions. It seems to be a timing thing. If the news server doesn't respond quickly, this
is where I see more of these hang ups,  and eventually have to cancel the
window.  Sometimes the message is sent, sometimes not, I suppose depending
on how soon I canceled out.

It's puzzling... maybe SM should disconnect sooner?  Is there a setting for
attempts to connect?

You have a good approach ... it's certainly a "timing window" problem.
This kind of problem is not easy to cure, because it's not easy to reproduce. And will never corrected in SM due to the politic way of managing bugs ... :-) We can close this thread :-)
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