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Is there a way to convert a large batch of emails (thousands) to a plain text file or something similar? I'm looking for a way to allow someone to review these emails without needing to install and use Seamonkey. If this method would retain attachments in their original formats, that would be even better...

I'm not sure SeaMonkey and/or your computer could handle a batch of thousand emails this way, but if it is applicable for you to break the batch into smaller size batches (say hundred emails per batch) - you could try the following:

  * Compose a new message;
* Select a batch of messages into the thread pane and drag them into the "Attachments" area of your new message composition;
  * Save the the message as a draft and close the composition;
* Select the saved draft and make sure you have "Display Attachments Inine" enabled; * Hit "Reply" and you should get a new message with all attached messages quoted inline its content (you may copy and paste it to a text file).

For the last step I've first tried to use "Forward -> Inline" to avoid the quote markers, but then the message attachments stayed as such in the new message. I guess one could easily post process the result to remove leading ">" or "> " from every line.

Note, the size of a "batch" SeaMonkey and your computer could handle this way greatly depends on the size of the messages involved.

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