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Is there a way to convert a large batch of emails (thousands) to a plain text file or something similar? I'm looking for a way to allow someone to review these emails without needing to install and use Seamonkey. If this method would retain attachments in their original formats, that would be even better...
Seamonkey mails are ALREADY stored as text on your hard drive. The graphical interface displays them as separate folders and messages.

Search your hard drive for a folder matching "*.slt" (without the quotes). That folder is where your Seamonkey profile is. Open that folder, and navigate down through the Mail folder, and the folder inside that (named for the email account through your ISP). Inside that folder you'll find a collection of things, which will vary depending on how you've created subfolders inside your mail window.

The file 'inbox' (with no extension on it) is the text file which holds the messages of your Inbox. The file 'inbox.msf' is an index for the first file.

If you've created subfolders in your Mail window Inbox (for example, 'Keep'), messages kept there are in subfolders of your Seamonkey mail location in the same way as Inbox. There's a folder called 'Inbox.sbd' (inbox subdirectory) in the same place as the 'inbox' file. Inside that Inbox.sbd folder is the text of the messages in your Inbox's subfolder ('Keep' and 'Keep.msf'.) If you have subfolders of 'Keep' in your Mail inbox, you'll see a 'Keep.sbd' folder name, and files inside there. This pattern continues down as far as you nest folders in your Mail Inbox.

Wherever you find a file name ending in *.msf, there's a file of the same name with no extension on it. Simply copy any file with no extension off to a USB flash pen or CD/DVD, and anyone can view the contents with a text viewer.

That sounds pretty simple!

What happens to email attachments? Are they embedded in these master text files?
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