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Install Thunderbird before you uninstall SeaMonkey (they can be used in
parallel) and it should offer to import all of your data. While you are
at it, why not give SeaMonkey 2.0rc2 a try?

One reason for switching to Firefox is that too many websites do not recognize Seamonkey as a "supported" browser. Some of them don't even give you the option to "Continue anyway". The other is that there are far more addons, plug-ins and themes available for Firefox.

Even if I do stick with Seamonkey (which isn't entirely out of the question), I _must_ uninstall my current version first to eliminate some version conflicts which occurred with my last upgrade attempt. I assume that this will wipe out all of my e-mail, personal data, etc., so the question remains: What do I need to backup, and how do I restore it so the new installation uses it?

Thanks! -- Jim

When you uninstall SeaMonkey, it remove only the program components. All
your e-mail, settings, etc. are kept in your profile, which isn't removed.

Accurate but probably NOT useful ;/

I suspect what the OP was trying to ask was "How does he move to Firefox seamlessly?" A better phrasing would be "How do I turn off SeaMonkey and turn on Firefox without noticing the difference?"

I'll soon post a similar question in making what *I DEFINE* as a "safe" transition from SM 1.x to SM 2.? .
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