On 10/19/09 13:33, Richard Owlett wrote:
> Mark Hansen wrote:
>> On 10/19/09 10:23, Jim J wrote:
>>> NoOp wrote:
>>>> Install Thunderbird before you uninstall SeaMonkey (they can be used in
>>>> parallel) and it should offer to import all of your data. While you are
>>>> at it, why not give SeaMonkey 2.0rc2 a try?
>>> One reason for switching to Firefox is that too many websites do not 
>>> recognize Seamonkey as a "supported" browser. Some of them don't even 
>>> give you the option to "Continue anyway". The other is that there are 
>>> far more addons, plug-ins and themes available for Firefox.
>>> Even if I do stick with Seamonkey (which isn't entirely out of the 
>>> question), I _must_ uninstall my current version first to eliminate some 
>>> version conflicts which occurred with my last upgrade attempt. I assume 
>>> that this will wipe out all of my e-mail, personal data, etc., so the 
>>> question remains: What do I need to backup, and how do I restore it so 
>>> the new installation uses it?
>>> Thanks! -- Jim
>> When you uninstall SeaMonkey, it remove only the program components. All
>> your e-mail, settings, etc. are kept in your profile, which isn't removed.
> Accurate but probably NOT useful ;/ 

Well, let's allow the OP to decide the usefulness of my response. I
was, after all, just trying to quell his concern over the loss of his
profile data when uninstalling the program.
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