Martin Freitag wrote:
Jim J schrieb:
Hey, thanks to everyone who has replied so far -- which is not to
discourage further replies! After reading the responses, I may just
install the latest version of SM after all, but I still have to
uninstall the existing one first.

You can but usually you don't *have to* do that first. Just install SM2
to another directory than SM1. The profile-data will be migrated to a
new SM2-profile, too.

Great! That seems like it should work. You see, I did a bad thing -- as I discovered after the fact. I installed a previous SM 2.x RC over SM 1.1.18, which was OK. But after having some problems with it, I thought I'd just re-install 1.1.18. BAD IDEA! Now both are non-peacefully coexisting on the same computer, so I assumed that I'd have to completely uninstall them both before installing the latest beta.
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