Robert Kaiser wrote:
Phillip Jones wrote:
Developers never, ever, ever, ever listen to end users.

Then it's good that SeaMonkey is being developed by users.

Or did you complain that different users have different opinions about what they want?

Robert Kaiser

Its being being developed by developers not users. Typical Users have no or very little knowledge of code. All they know is how they want the way something should work. If a great design comes along that all users like, then the code designers can't stand it, and want it to work make it like they want it.

SeaMonkey, Thunderbird, and FireFox are open source, answerable to users. For Pay Products (example MS Office) is designed for the shareholders and the BOD. Not the users. Users have no input.

I prefer modal windows. I hate tabs and to this day refuse to use them. despite being designed into SM FF for last 4-5 years. Tabs waste resources. Each page in a tab as cache and use memory to store. While I have 2 GB Memory in current Laptop with today's web pages that can be easily filled up is I have a bunch of Tabs open. I'd love to get one of the new ones with 4 or more GB RAM but takes money. Money I don't have now. As far as being faster. Its not one whit better than forward or Back button. takes every bit as long one way or the other I've tried it.

I have one thing that was improved. Finally you can adjust the size of the preference window. Drag the length longer. Just as sure as I mention this one of the designer will come along and say Oh that fellow loved how this adjustable. It doesn't need to be let us make it preset.

If the major of people love the way something works, make it work that way.

Phillip M. Jones, C.E.T.    "If it's Fixed, Don't Break it" 
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