Daniel wrote:
Phillip, if you painted your house Green, because you liked Green, would it matter to you if someone suggested you should have painted it Blue?? Or even a slightly different shade of Green??

The Guys that are doing the development are the guys that are doing the development, so their preference must count for something. If you, or I, want something different, you, or I, can either do the development of just endure with what we're given, or we can move to something different, Safari or Opera maybe!!


Problem I tried and have installed:
Safari 4
FireFox 3.5.3
SeaMonkey 1.1.8
SeaMonkey 2.0.rc.2

I find SeaMonkey the best fit for me.

I don't even like the design of FireFox as much as the design of SeaMonkey.

And if I were to use Thunderbird I actually like Postbox better because the last one I downloaded still allowed javascript in email.

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