On 10/23/2009 07:53 AM, Smiles wrote:
> good day
> I have had a problem with my computer so I stop deleting emails from my 
> pop server now the problem is fixed I did a test download from one of my 
> accounts but did not bring everything down just the new items than the 
> server deleted all items.
> On two accounts I must redownload everything
> How do I tell SeaMonkey to redownload everything?
> I have 200 emails that did not get written to seamonkey on the first 
> download due to problems
> Thanks

First check if the 200 emails are still on the server (via webmail etc).
If they are, then in SeaMonkey right-click the main account folder (the
one above 'Inbox') and select 'Get Messages for Account'. That _should_
go out and fetch all of the messages on the server.

To stop SeaMonkey from deleting your messages on the server: Right click
on the main account and select 'Settings' (or use Edit|Mail & Newsgroups
Account Settings). Click on 'Server Settings' and check the box for
'Leave messages on server'
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