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good day

I have had a problem with my computer so I stop deleting emails from my pop server now the problem is fixed I did a test download from one of my accounts but did not bring everything down just the new items than the server deleted all items.

On two accounts I must redownload everything
How do I tell SeaMonkey to redownload everything?
I have 200 emails that did not get written to seamonkey on the first download due to problems

First check if the 200 emails are still on the server (via webmail etc).
If they are, then in SeaMonkey right-click the main account folder (the
one above 'Inbox') and select 'Get Messages for Account'. That _should_
go out and fetch all of the messages on the server.
I have tested ... the mail that was previously downloaded and removed locally, but still present on the server ..... will not download anymore. Using your procedure, i can see a message saying that there are no new message on the server.

There two other methods that you can try:

1. Right-click on the Inbox folder, select 'Rebuild Summary File'.

If that doesn't work:

2. Close SeaMonkey and delete (or better yet, rename) the inbox .msf
files, see: for the location.

For you, it should be something like:
C:\Documents and Settings\%USERPROFILE%\Application
Data\Mozilla\Profiles\<profile name>\Mail
*Do Not* delete or rename any other files in the folder - *Only* the
.msf files.

nice for someone else to test

yes the email are still on server
yes only new messages download
yes I deleted the msf files
checked for new messages non found non down loaded
checked the folders which were rebuilt due to msf deleted

will use webmail and check server for any settings

thanks for your idea but still looking into problem
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