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The SeaMonkey project at Mozilla is excited to release its completely
refurbished next generation of the all-in one Internet suite today:
SeaMonkey 2.0

Congratulations and thanks to everybody involved!

Now that it is Gold and SkyPilot and QuoteColors now works I'll have to
figure out how I can move my current setup in 1.1.8, over again. when I
was trying The Beta's for first time I had it copy over all my setup
from 1.1.8 Since I've only used the browser section after I found out
quote colors, didn't work and was deal breaker. Today I downloaded
Quotecolors and it works. So I now want to move on.

Besides the news and Email I've also added some filter rules. and other

Can I completely remove the Profile Folder and do the import?

From what you are saying, you have already imported. If you have another profile to import, do not delete the profile folder until you have imported the data.

Once you are happy with how 2.0 is working, it would be a good idea to delete the old profile folder, to save disk space. If you have installed 2.0 anywhere other than Applications, move it to the Applications folder, and let it overwrite 1.1.8.

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