Leonidas Jones wrote:
Rufus wrote:
First and in general - I like it. But...

...have observed the following in about a hour of using SM 2.0 under OS
10.6.1 on a 3.06 GHz MacBook Pro with 4 Gig RAM:

1) SeaMonkey asks for the Master Password at startup even though I have
the Preference set to only ask at the first time it is needed - I'm not
using SSL, nor do I have SeaMonkey set to display Mail and Newsgroups at

I can't speak to the Master Password, as I have never used it.

If you use the Password Manager, you need to set up a Master Password. All of the information from my 1.1.18 Mozilla folder transferred correctly, including my Master Password. It's just that SM seems to be asking for it at random - this was also a problem for me with SM 1.1.18.

2) Holding down the Option key at launch does not bring up the Profile

I am glad you mention this. Holding down the Option key while clicking
the Dock icon now seems to start SM in Safe Mode. You would not notice
this if you don't have third party themes or extensions installed. This
could be very handy indeed.

Profile manager would need to be invoked via Terminal.

So far I only have the basic 2.0 install operating - I think the only add-on I have is a Google search one.

At present I only have one Profile, but I can invoke the Profile Manager from the within the SM Menu Bar by selecting Switch Profile/Manage Profiles.

3) Transfer of my previous SM 1.1.18 Profile information was incomplete
at launch of SM 2.0 - Bookmarks and Preference settings transferred
completely; Mail and Newsgroup server settings, Preferences, Folders,
saved mail, etc. transferred completely, but Newsgroup Subscriptions
were only displayed for one Server/Account - the last one in the
Accounts list. All files appeared in the proper locations in the new 2.0
Profile, but were only displayed for the last listed Server/Account.

This has been a problem for many users. The Import Profile Wizard, while
it seems to work fine for most users, does not always complete its job.
However, this is a major change in the program. While you may have to
transfer your newsgroups accounts manually, once its done, its done, and
should not be a problem for future 2.0.x upgrades. You might try
recreating the other accounts, point them to the existing files, and see
if they are picked up.

I ended up re-subscribing to the groups on one server, and had to actually delete and rebuild the account to be able to use this one and get to the Mozilla groups. As you say, I should be done with that now.

4) Right click (cntrl+click) does not consistently bring up the
contextual menu for Task Bar options if I right click anywhere within
the Task Bar - I seem to have to right click below the address bar
within the Task Bar in order to bring up the contextual menu
consistently. This occurs when using the (new) default theme, and is
less annoying in the Mail and Newsgroup windows - probably because there
is more area to click within (no address line). Clicks appear to be
ignored within the line where the window title appears, upon comparison.

Task Bar is a Windows term, so I don't know exactly what you mean. I am
sorry to nitpick on terms, but I have to understand exactly what you mean.

Do you mean the Menu bar, which is detached from the application window
and appears at the top of the screen, or the Navigation Toolbar, which
is at the top of the application window, and contains the Location bar?
I suspect the latter.

Are you trying to get the Customize dialog? Right Click (Control Click)
anywhere on the Navigation Toolbar, as long as I don't click right on
the Location bar, I get the context menu to invoke it.


The "header bar" in the main SeaMonkey window(s) - not the OS X Menu Bar. The option in the window's contextual menu actually calls it the "Toolbar". I can't just "click anywhere" - I have to click below the URL entry space in order to get the contextual menu to appear. As noted, the area of the Toolbar containing the line for the window title appears to be excluded - and this only happens with the new default theme.

     - Rufus
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