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JD wrote:
The password manager in SM version 2 sucks. Password Manager doesn't
fill in the user name or password until I enter the start of it. V
1.1.18 filled it in when I went to a page that had a user name and/or

How long will V 1.1.18 be supported while I find something else to use?

I'm sorry to be such a complainer but I'm not impressed with my SM

Works as previous for Mac OS X - I go to the page and Password Manager
fills in the entire stored entries.

On my XP home edition, it works on some pages like it used to but on
others I have to click. I'm getting used to it. (I guess.)

I've noticed for a while That on many sites now the password Manager will remember the username but not the password and on some bank sites or CC Site even with it on it remembers neither.

There use to be a script you could add to SeaMonkey, that would make it store passwords anyway. Anyone know where that is?

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