Zeb Carter wrote:
> Arnie Goetchius wrote:
>> NoOp wrote:
>>> http://www.xfinity.com redirects to my.xfinity.com - cleared cache,
>>> cookies, history, et al.
>> I cleared cache and went to http://www.xfinity.com does not re-direct!
> I too cleared cache and mine does redirect. My ISP is Comcast as is my
> friend's. I can duplicate his problem on my computer on all profiles I
> have. Running 2.40 in both places.
> I don't know. Maybe the "local" Comcast server is blocking it?
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My ISP used to be Comcast but is now Verizon FiOS. If your ISP is
Comcast, maybe they automatically send you to my.xfinity.com

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