On 9/16/2016 4:34 AM, Arnie Goetchius wrote:
> NoOp wrote:
>> http://www.xfinity.com redirects to my.xfinity.com - cleared cache,
>> cookies, history, et al.
> I cleared cache and went to http://www.xfinity.com does not re-direct!

Don't know what to tell you... maybe post a screenshot? _All_ of my
SeaMonkey browsers: 2.40 and 2.45 on Windows 10 and linux redirect to
I suspect that could be because Xfinity/Comcast is my internet provider.
The only way that did not get a redirect was via a Tor browser:

In any event, I was able to reproduce using a _clean test profile_ on
2.40. I cannot reproduce on 2.45 (Windows or linux). Screenshots are at:
<https://postimg.org/gallery/36wymkxse/> - the files are clearly labeled
as to which version I was using. Note: the primary redirect page was the
same on 2.40 as 2.45, so I did not add the 2.45 screenshot.

My suggestion to Zeb et al would be to file a bug report if one doesn't
already exisit in bugzilla. I'm not sure why it is working for me from
my normal 240 profile (except the web search) - the profile has been
around since the Netscape days, so it's quite likely that I have some
odd config setting that allows it to work. I also use prefbar & have
several custom toggle settings, so maybe something in there is allowing
it to work.
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