Richmond wrote on 19-04-17 20:14:
Ray_Net wrote:
I disagree with that, because it would not be correctly identifying the

Who's care ? Nobody knows SeaMonkey - and they don't want to know ....

Tell me WHY SM must identify itself as SM ? .. when a lot of SM people
change the UA string reflecting ONLY as Firfox.
If the default UA string will be "Firefox" only...
A. There is no need to fiddle changing the UA string.
B. All site sniffing wrongly ... will work correctly.


Due to the fact that:
1. Webmaster checks only for IE,Google/Chrome, Opera and FireFox but
NEVER for SeaMonkey
2. And due to the fact the coding for SeaMonkey Must be IDENTICAL for
SM must present his browser as a Firefox browser.

I am not saying you shouldn't change it if you want to. I have prefs bar
and I change it myself sometimes. I can't remember why.

I am just saying that the point of the User Agent String is to identify
the user agent. So the default setting should be Seamonkey, because
that's what it is. If the web authors can't be bothered to check it
properly it is their fault, not the fault of the browser.

Yes this their fault - a great number of webmasters are doing the same fault. It is faster and easier to change the default UA string to FireFox than convincing ALL webmasters to change their coding. But most of the time, they don't want to change their coding and more ... they don't know what "Gecko" is, because they sniff for a Browser, "Gecko" IS NOT a browser. Additionally, if the default UA is FireFox, we don't need anymore extra plugins or fiddling.

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