David E. Ross wrote on 20-04-17 07:27:
On 4/19/2017 8:55 PM, NFN Smith wrote:
David E. Ross wrote:
Is not "Advertise Firefox compatibility" not working for you?

In any case, merely having Gecko will not suffice.  I just encountered a
Web site that works completely only with Chrome.

what site?


Baja Fresh at <http://www.bajafresh.com/>.  The "Contact Us" page does
not show a Send button with SeaMonkey.  While spoofing Firefox, it only
shows a thin red rectangle.  I sent a plain E-mail message to their
customer service.  They replied:
We use Windows 10 and Google Chrome and are [sic] feedback page does
show a submit button at the bottom in red
The illiteracy -- "are" instead of "our" -- is quite telling.  I wonder
if Baja Fresh's customer service is not in the U.S.

So they say: We test our site, only, with Google-Chrome - If you don't use Google-Chrome - GO AWAY ! :-)
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