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I typically bcc myself and so I see replies and messages I have sent. Lately, SeaMonkey seems to be inserting random punctuation or graphics, sometimes where I had entered spaces.  For example, I typed this correctly, but this is what appeared in the copy I sent to myself:

No.?? They went up to $100 per, effective -- I believe -- January 1.??

Another example:

?????? I am sorry that when I wrote the email the other day about the cost of PHV, I did not realize that the PHV fee had been doubled, I suppose effective as of January 1.?? I still think the money is worth spending rather than having issues at deposition or later for not having gotten admitted.

Any ideas what to do about this would be largely appreciated.  It's getting embarrassing.

You've said in another reply the problem persists with previous 2.48 as with latest 2.49 versions as well.  It could very well be a problem specific to your SeaMonkey profile settings – you may try reproducing it with a new clean profile, for example.

In the mean time could you have a look at your SeaMonkey settings:

     Preferences / Mail & Newsgroups / Text Encoding

and the "Default Text Encoding" in the "Server Settings" for specific Mail/News accounts – if you have changed any of the defaults it might lead to such unexpected results.

Have a look at specific Mail/News folder Properties (right-click a folder), also:

     Fallback Text Encoding: [_____]

    [ ] Apply encoding to all messages in the folder (individual message text encoding settings and auto-detection will be ignored)

Also, have a look at the <about:config> page:

    mailnews.force_charset_override     false

If you have it changed it to |true| instead – it would cause problems for sure.

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