Manuel Casal Lodeiro wrote:
Thank you, David, for your quick answer.

In 08/11/19 21:10, David E. Ross dixit:

It is possible that your "full" disc problem affected the installation
of SeaMonkey or corrupted it.  If this is true, then even SeaMonkey's
profile was impacted.

In that case, I suggest the following:

1.  Uninstall SeaMonkey and delete its profile.

2.  Restore the prior version of SeaMonkey and its profile from a
backup.  (You do backups, don't you?)  I assume that you did not have
this problem with the prior version.

I'm not sure when the present version of SM got installed, but I think it's not a problem with *this* version, because this one was working well before the disk got full.

Regarding the backup, I used to do backups but due to a problem of memory anytime I launched the backup application I had to disable it :-( So no backup in the last weeks. This is the reason I need some other approach to the problem that does not include deleting of the profile data.

3.  With a cleaned up primary disc -- with plenty of space -- install
SeaMonkey 2.49.5.

Now I got some 25 GB free in my /home unit.

Won't a forced reinstall do the same?

Some extra info: Seamonkey is installed at /usr/bin/seamonkey which is another partition of the same disk, a partition which did not got full at any moment. So, how the filling of the /home partition could have affected this system partition? Strange, isn't it?


Reinstalling Seamonkey is not going to help - as you say - this problem only affects the profile. I looked around a bit and saw but am not sure that still works, certainly "mozbackup" is no longer to be considered reliable. I'd certainly take a backup of your profile (while Seamonkey is not running) before playing around more although it may be a bit late for that.
What are you doing about increasing the size of /home?

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