Yesterday I decided to test freenet again after a long time of
I downloaded and updated to the latest stable. It even seemed to work
well.  I was so enthusiastic, I even planned to set up a permanent node
though performance was terrible even after two or three hours on a
broadband connection.
So I decided to let it run the whole day, assuming that the situation
would improve.

Logging in in the evening via ssh was nearly impossible. More than 400MB
of RAM was claimed by java-threads at this time. 

Freenet is one of the most beautiful ideas I ever hit on.
But it should be possible to run it on a small pentium machine with no
more than 100MB of RAM.

How shall freenet ever become popular if one needs to donate a high
performance machine to the sole task of running freenet?
>From this point of view and IMHO ressource consumption is by far the
biggest bug freenet has at the moment.


Maximilian Mehnert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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