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Am Mi, den 28.01.2004 schrieb Maximilian Mehnert um 15:28:
Having 400MB of RAM used by the node's java processes seems out of whack.
In fact that sounds insane. Which threadFactory is your configuration
file set to use? If you set it to use the YThreadFactory, do things

Sorry. Being online for about 12 hours freenet again succeeded in overloading an "acceptable" machine (1.5GHz, 512MB Ram), leaving it doing nothing but swapping RAM.

I think it's time to take a break. Perhaps I'll check back in a year ;-)

I'm still of the opinion that freenet will only spread if people are
able to run it on a small router or in background with no noticeable
impact on performance.

I agree here. My router is a 1.53Ghz Athlon (XP1800+) with 512MB of RAM. The CPU isn't taxed, but the memory is. Also, bandwidth is used quite readily. I have a quota, and it'd be nice to be able to give Freenet a maximum monthly allocation, and have it shut down after that's passed the limit. I have no problem donating 2-3GB/month of traffic, but it takes 4-5 if I don't watch it, that's with a limit of 2kb/sec both ways.

It would be nice if anyone with a spare P266 box could fire up freenet and just let it sit there.

If I had a second life I would help redoing the whole thing in ocaml or
something like that. But I have the miserable feeling that studying
medicine will keep me busy for the next years. :-( Ok, no more flame
wars ;-)

If I knew the protocol, and knew enough about networking, I'd do a Cocoa client. I have no problems with continually changing the protocol, I'd just have to participate on the developer mailing list. Unfortunately there's no easy place to start from. I guess that's what you get with pre-release software.

Another good idea would be a 'freenet browser', something like Gecko or WebKit (for OS X) embedded in to a freenet thing, with privacy options auto set.

Phillip Hutchings

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