On Sat, Jan 31, 2004 at 01:21:13PM +1300, Phillip Hutchings wrote:
> And how many browsers do that? Sure, I'm not sure about writing a 
> plugin, since most of the time they can only add processing for 
> different MIME types, whereas a different browser using a freenet:// 
> protocol could connect through FCP and do things like simplify 
> splitfiles, insertions and the like with an interface that normal users 
> could use. Sure, there's things such as fiw, but it's not the easiest 
> of things to use. Having the whole feature set in one application would 
> make it a lot nicer.

Uhm, what is the problem with splitfile downloads? Yes, it LOOKS
intimidating, but it's quite usable by the average cubicle monkey let
alone freenet-using geek. We can't make it much more transparent,
because of issues with resource usage - we MUST have the user confirm
the download at some stage, otherwise it can be exploited very badly.
There may be workarounds for this of course.
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