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> On Sat, 27 Mar 2004 14:13:09 -0500
> Nick Tarleton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I know. Perhaps I should clarify: it begins to download as soon as I run 
> > start-freenet.sh, and keeps going for a while, even before I access 
> > fproxy/run any clients. This is something of a problem, as I use dial-up. 
> > I've heard of prefetching the start-page links; if this is it, can it be 
> > turned off? I see no related option in freenet.conf.
> When you start Freenet, it immediately tries to connect to as many nodes
> as possible, from the pool of nodes that it knows about. If what you're
> seeing is a bandwidth spike that goes away after a couple of minutes,
> it's probably connections being opened. I imagine that handshaking with
> 50+ nodes could use up all of your bandwidth for awhile.
> It could certainly be something else, though. Check out the Environment
> page from the web interface, go to "Pooled Thread Consumers" and you can
> see what the threads are doing. (Caveat: by loading the main web
> interface page, you're initiating requests for the activelink images of
> the index pages. To avoid this, bookmark the Environment page and go
> straight there as soon as the node starts.)
> With the default settings, Freenet will pretty much saturate a dialup
> link when you're actively using it, and it will eat bandwidth even when
> you aren't using it. If you haven't done so already, you might want to
> tweak the input and output bytes values in the config file.
> Another suggestion is to make sure that the line
> transient=true
> is present in the config file, with no % in front of it. Transient nodes
> do not have any requests routed to them, which cuts down on bandwidth
> usage. As I understand it, there is an anonymity tradeoff here if
> someone is monitoring your requests and knows that your node is
> transient (your node isn't routing other peoples' requests, so all
> requests leaving your node are your own).

Well, it's not hard to find out that a node is transient... especially
as its included in the noderef. But even if we didn't you'd just have to
query it a few times, it would always reject. However on unstable with
bidi conns, transient just means don't forward my noderef.
> -s
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