miguel writes:

Just wondering... with all this encryption permeating Freenet there remains a gaping hole through which the nazi's could saunter through
with their spy tools and legal bypasses to incriminate any and all Freenetters
they choose to incriminate... the ip address/port# of all. Even using a third party
dns service wouldn't help. Maybe not this day, but in light of current trends in
government policies, in the not-too-distant future they will be slipping in and snagging
whomever they choose by the ip address and will thus render useless all Freenet anonymity measures.
Is there not a way to spoof the ip addresses, or mask the ip addresses so that our uncles and big brothers can't come in and bring down the house(s)?

Yes, it's trivial for Them to know whether someone runs a Freenet node or not, but knowing what the user was doing with that node is an another matter (assuming that the node is physically secure, has encrypted drives and the user is invulnerable to rubber-hose cryptography).

It is possible to write alternate transports for Freenet, though. For example, nodes could use email disguised as spam, Usenet messages or other non-obvious ways of communicating with each other. However, for this to work at all, routing needs to be much more accurate, because the latency is several orders of magnitude greater.

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