On Wed, Aug 04, 2004 at 02:50:52PM +0200, Zenon Panoussis wrote:
> Or something like that. The real and ever-present danger
> against freenet is not in your IP being shown to your peers.
> It is in (a) the integrity of its developers and (b) in the
> security of the software archive. If the latter ever gets
> compromised, we might all end up running a piece of Big
> Broher-owned spyware called "freenet".

Well, most PCs run insecure software, infrequently updated. Even of
those that are relatively secure their operators don't have the
understanding or the time to make them secure. And even if they do there
are always more vulnerabilities, as programmers are human beings. "They"
can probably compromize the vast majority of PCs pretty easily.
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