Toad wrote:

Or something like that. The real and ever-present danger
against freenet is not in your IP being shown to your peers.
It is in (a) the integrity of its developers and (b) in the
security of the software archive. If the latter ever gets
compromised, we might all end up running a piece of Big
Broher-owned spyware called "freenet".

Well, most PCs run insecure software, infrequently updated. Even of
those that are relatively secure their operators don't have the
understanding or the time to make them secure. And even if they do there
are always more vulnerabilities, as programmers are human beings. "They"
can probably compromize the vast majority of PCs pretty easily.

If my machine is insecure and gets compromised, my ass might be on fire. If your ftp server gets compromised, the ass of every single freenet user in the world could be on fire.

And the idea that this could happen is not far-fetched. Remember
the linux kernel root hack a few months ago on The
Debian server? You can publish all the md5 checksums you want,
but whoever can manipulate the files themselves, can manipulate
the published checksums too. Among the eager competitors to hack
your server are about 120 governments, a multitude of political
organisations, several mafias of different flavours and, of course,
every Joe Hacker and Skrip T Kiddie who would consider it a
special honour to have hacked a whole network instead of only
a server.

You have taken extraordinary measures to protect against this
happening, haven't you?


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