On Wed, Aug 04, 2004 at 03:38:35PM +0300, Mika Hirvonen wrote:
> miguel writes:
> >Just wondering... with all this encryption permeating Freenet 
> >there remains a gaping hole through which the nazi's could saunter through
> >with their spy tools and legal bypasses to incriminate any and all 
> >Freenetters
> >they choose to incriminate...  the ip address/port# of all.  Even using a 
> >third party
> >dns service wouldn't help.  Maybe not this day, but in light of current 
> >trends in
> >government policies, in the not-too-distant future they will be slipping 
> >in and snagging
> >whomever they choose by the ip address and will thus render useless all 
> >Freenet anonymity measures.
> >Is there not a way to spoof the ip addresses, or mask the ip addresses so 
> >that our uncles and big brothers can't come in and bring down the 
> >house(s)?  
> Yes, it's trivial for Them to know whether someone runs a Freenet node or 
> not, but knowing what the user was doing with that node is an another 
> matter (assuming that the node is physically secure, has encrypted drives 
> and the user is invulnerable to rubber-hose cryptography).

It's not quite that easy; at least it shouldn't be (you can't portscan).
But it is very easy to find large numbers of Freenet node operators.
> It is possible to write alternate transports for Freenet, though. For 
> example, nodes could use email disguised as spam, Usenet messages or other 
> non-obvious ways of communicating with each other. However, for this to 
> work at all, routing needs to be much more accurate, because the latency is 
> several orders of magnitude greater.

It would also have to work on a trusted mesh topology, to minimize
damage by defeating harvesting.
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