I'm not sure where your 'village' is but here it works much the same way actually. But the problem is that there is no machine that can just tell us what your intent was. So what your intent was has to be inferred from your actions and your knowledge.

"Inferred"? You really wrote "inferred" WRT penal guilt in a list that gets archived and indexed by Google?

You know, I read once, back in the horrible days before Our Beloved
Leader, something about "until proven guilty" and something about
"beyond reasonable doubt". Utter crap, of course, a danger to our
Free Society. Good thing to hear from someone in law enforcement,
that that old shit has been done away with and that guilt nowadays
can be inferred, unless there is a machine that can prove innocence.

The fact is that everyone knows there lots of illegal stuff floating around freenet, and one can simply not avoid responsibility for a crime by deliberately ignoring what is obvious. So even though you didn't want to transmit kiddy porn you made the choice to run a freenet node fully aware that it could and would result in KP being distributed. That right there is enough to establish intent.

You are rather categorical when you say "is enough to establish intent". Again, would you mind giving some concrete pointers to law and/or precedent? I know, this list is meant for *technical* support and we have been way off-topic for about 40 posts already, but no technical topic seems to stir up the list members as much as your postings do, so I guess we can keep it up for just a bit more.


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