Toad remarked:

"Freenet is DESIGNED to actively thwart attempts to find the authors.
This is a fundamental design goal. It is a motive. Whereas the postal
system simply doesn't care one way or the other. In fact, right now,
Freenet is so slow that only perverts and geeks use it. Or so it would
be argued.

This is why the government, and for that matter Hollywood, doesn't give a rat's 
patotsie right now.  Until we get it to work reasonably well, it is little threat in 
the overall scheme of things.

They'll only start to worry when millions of people are actively using it.  By then it 
will be too late...they could shut down SourceForge and exile Ian to Tierra del  Fuego 
and it wouldn't make any difference, because of the robust and decentralized design of 
the network.

In the meantime, even the perverts are getting a little tired of typing in parameters, 
downloading new versions, and rebooting their Unix machines....

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