On Wednesday 17 June 2009 11:57:43 Egbert van der Meer wrote:
> I have installed freenet several times but I can not get it running.
> The installation itself go's with no problem but I can not get anything 
> from the network.

What operating system?

The install works, it opens a web browser and you go through the config wizard, 
but then it is unable to connect to the network? So it is running, it is just 
not connecting?

Did you set network security level to LOW/NORMAL? Are there any error messages?

If you click on Status and then Connections to Strangers, are there any 
connections? (Nodes marked CONNECTED or BUSY)? Any peers of any other status on 
that page?

You might need to forward the two UDP ports, they are listed on the internet 
connection page under status.

Does Freenet recognise it's own IP address? Go to the add a friend page, look 
at the node reference, there should be a line starting "physical.udp=", does it 
include your IP address?

> An earlier version of frost also does not work since no messages are 
> coming in.
> Also in fuquid no blocks are received at all.
> Also it fails to download any of the bookmarks on the home page.
> If you need any more detailed information in order to pin point the 
> problem I would be glad to sent it to you.
> Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Please reply to the list (support@freenetproject.org), and subscribe to it (at 
http://freenetproject.org/lists.html ), as I will be unable to respond until at 
least the 29th of June due to a holiday. Other people may however be able to 
help sooner. Sorry.

Also sorry that your message got held up in a moderation queue for some time, I 
was a bit busy... :|

> E.vd Meer.

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