On Sat, Jun 20, 2009 at 11:40 AM, Egbert van der
Meer<e.vanderm...@wolmail.nl> wrote:
> I am using Windows XP and Firefox both up to date.
> I hope this mail will not bounce because it'srather big.
> Node status overview * bwlimitDelayTime:
> 0ms * nodeAveragePingTime: 378ms * darknetSizeEstimateSession: 0 nodes *
> opennetSizeEstimateSession: 57 nodes * nodeUptime: 58m27s *
> routingMissDistance: 0,0000 * backedOffPercent: 0,0% * pInstantReject:
> 100,0% * unclaimedFIFOSize: 0 * RAMBucketPoolSize: 168 B / 10.0 MiB *

First, notice the pInstantReject: 100%.  This means your node is
rejecting all requests, ie something is seriously wrong.  This
normally means that either your network is badly misbehaving or
Freenet is starved for CPU time.  Also, total payload output of 0B
means that your node has never had a connection to another node that
completed and lasted long enough to handle a (successful) request.

Second, the wrapper.log shows *lots* of announcements.  This isn't
normal.  I *strongly* suspect there is something wrong with your
network connection.  The obvious suspects are port forwarding at your
router for UDP ports (not TCP!), and your ISP doing something weird.
If you're absolutely, 100% certain your UDP ports are properly
forwarded, find a computer (ideally on a different ISP) and test
whether you can send UDP packets and receive them to the ports in
question.  I've used iperf for that purpose, but I'm sure there are
other ways to do it as well.

The other possible source of problems is overzealous or misconfigured
firewall or antivirus software.  If you're using any such, consider
disabling them to test whether that solves the problem.

If none of those gets anywhere, I'm stumped.  Perhaps someone else has
a better idea.

Evan Daniel
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