Hello, all,

I would like to request some assistance.  I am a writer working on a
book on cyber-security.  This led me to Freenet and the concept of a

My audience is the typical Windows user - not an idiot, but no special
technical training.  Just a typical user, in other words.  In order for
me to write about Freenet and help other users get started with it, I
need to understand it thoroughly myself.  I am a Windows tech myself -
MCSE and A+ certifications, and many years in a support job. 

As of right now, I am connected to Freenet - I only have one
acquaintance also using it, so I am still using it on low security
settings and connecting to everyone I can.  I can browse sites, no
problem at all, and I'm fascinated.  This reminds me of the very, very
early Internet - a definite "outlaw" feel to it.  I want to add a flog
of my own, but the Freenet fork of Thingamablog is locking up on me.  I
think I'm going to have to locally publish a blog site and then upload
it using jSite or similar.

Freemail appears to be working for me, but I can't receive messages,
either to my long "real" address, or to the shorter address I created. 
Deleting messages is spotty.  It works sometimes, and sometimes not.  My
friend also on Freenet does not receive the messages I send.  Yet
Freemail is installed as a plugin, and there does not appear to be a
problem.  I received all the initial welcome stuff.  I also have FMS
installed and running, but I can't seem to announce my identity.  It's
been several days, and I have yet to receive a single captcha to
complete.  I've verified that FMS is running.  I've also done all the
typical support stuff - disabling firewall etc. to see if that is
blocking me.  All ports are forwarded without any apparent problems at
my router.

If someone here is willing to give me some one on one assistance, we can
take it off list if necessary.  We can use GPG to encrypt messages if
that makes you more comfortable, or even get on the telephone if you
prefer.  My wide open address is kate9954 (at) gmail (dot) com, and my
public key is published at most of the servers.

Many thanks,


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