Thanks for your suggestions, Volodya.

No, my node is definitely on the same machine where I am trying to run
Frost.  I'm on a home network, but my other half is no computer whiz,
and I am the only one experimenting with Freenet as yet.  He will be my
test case once I get comfortable with this stuff, and before I try to
write any book chapters about Freenet.  If he can do it, any Windows
user can, lol.

I've checked the ZA programs listing and Frost is not listed as such -
merely as an instance of Java.  I've given Java more access than I am
completely comfortable with, but Frost still cannot connect to my node
at all.   I've tried turning ZA and Avast off completely, but it still
does not work.  The Web of Trust plugin is not working either (for
Freetalk).  Just FMS, and only since I reinstalled it a little while
ago.  I'm not successfully announced yet, of course, but a few captchas
are trickling in and I can read some messages.

I'm heartened by tentative success with FMS, and I'm going to reinstall
Web of Trust and see if I can get that working now for Freetalk.

> One more thing, if your node is on the different machine than the
> Frost, (which
> would be the case if you had to forward port 9481) then you have to
> tell the
> frost where to find the node before starting it. Look for 'config'
> directory
> wherever frost is, and edit the file 'frost.ini' (when frost is not
> running) you
> should have a line like:
> availableNodes=
> You need to change to the ip address of where your node is.
> Of course this is assuming that your node is at the different machine
> than Frost.
>                        - Volodya

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