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> I got Frost from the alpha/plugins directory at
> downloads.freenetproject.org.  However, no worries there.  I downloaded
> Frost again, removed the old, and tried from scratch - and bingo, it's
> working.  I did the same with Freemail, and it is suddenly working also,
> lol.  Evidently, third time is the charm. 

Perhaps something has corrupted the configuration or something else like that.

> I am coming to the conclusion that being stubborn is an asset in this
> business.

Yes, but strangely enough for me most of things just work when it comes to
Freenet. I don't know if it's my karma or i just don't notice some bumps which
attract people, but i hope it stays that way. There are things which are
horribly uncomfortable to use, but then i end up changing them so that they are
suitable for me.

FMS for example is being mirrored to Frost by me, because i find Frost to be
better. So if you want to read FMS without the need to post there, you just
subscribe to the board "fms-NAME.OF.BOARD" substituting the name of the board on
FMS and bingo, you are reading the messages (timestamps and senders are
preserved, even threads work if i happen to receive the messages more or less in

> WoT and Freetalk are still not working - not even after a reinstall of
> the unofficial plugins - but as somebody just pointed out, they are
> still a work in progress. 

I have not tried these yet.

> Does anyone know when Freenet 0.8 is expected?  I understand Freetalk
> will be bundled with it, and I hope it can be persuaded to work by then.

> Many thanks for all the help!

No problems, if you need more you can always ask on Frost, there are many people
who will be willing to help... and many trolls too, but you can ignore them.

> Kate

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