Wow, that's a bit...extreme. I mean there's a _huge_ difference
between refusing to give someone support, which may or may not be
legal, and completely banning them. I mean just because _you_ can't
help him doesn't mean nobody else on this list can. Way to alienate a
rather significant percentage of the user base.

On Sat, Nov 7, 2009 at 6:56 AM, Matthew Toseland
<> wrote:
> On Sunday 18 October 2009 11:24:08 Toni Bergman wrote:
> ...
>> I present you with my graph. I'm downloading music from freenet.
> Thanks for your detailed bug report. However, based on your graph, which 
> contains clear evidence of copyright infringement (there *is* legal music on 
> Freenet, but the Thaw instance shown includes stuff that is almost certainly 
> not legal), you have just earned a permanent ban from the support list. 
> Because of this I will not be able to act on any of the issues you mentioned, 
> as this would be equivalent to providing tech support to known pirates. 
> Please go away and don't come back.
> This policy is the result of MGM vs Grokster, where the Supreme Court of the 
> United States of America found the defendant guilty because amongst other 
> reasons, it provided technical support to people it knew to be engaged in 
> copyright infringement. The EFF's peer to peer advice is not to provide tech 
> support at all, but IMHO this is more or less impossible for an open source 
> project. See here:
> Freenet Project Inc is incorporated in the USA under Californian law. I have 
> a responsibility not to get them into legal trouble, although I am based in 
> England.
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