On Wednesday 15 September 2010 14:40:50 Uriel Carrasquilla wrote:
> >> But we have been wrong before in regards to technology. So can we say
> >> that the anonymity problem in P2P networks is solved?
> > No, no we can't. As we've discussed, OpenNet is a tradeoff of anonymity
> > for useability (no need to laboriously find/add friends.) DarkNet too
> > has similar tradeoffs, to reduce latency and cpu usage. You can always
> > layer your own measures on top of this, though, to improve things.
> I take this to mean encrypting your own stuff before sending it with your own 
> keys and making sure only friends you can trust are added to your list in 
> your Darknet.

Freenet is mostly designed on the assumption that you are posting data that you 
intend to make public at least within the network. Therefore it's a fair 
assumption that, at least after the fact, the attacker will be able to identify 
the keys involved, because they know about the file being inserted.

Since we encrypt stuff, if you insert as SSK and then only give the key to 
trustworthy folks, the attacker can't trace it unless he can get those 
trustworthy folks to give him the key.

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