-- you actually (hopefully) know and trust each of your peers,
unlike opennet strangers.
May be I have watched too many 007 movies, but what if one of your
trusted peers is actually a double agent?

That's a good question. Maybe someone more knowlegeable can help flesh
out the details, but I recall reading a while back that it's possible
for peers to know what is in each other's datastores/caches? (Via a
timing attack... faster retrievals imply something exists?) Although
one still has plausible deniability so long as you have at least one
non-compromised peer, so I'm not sure how meaningful this would be.

Also it's *significantly* more expensive to infiltrate a social network with a double agent so that everybody has one than to run one node which slowly moves towards a target in OpenNet.

To move in DarkNet you actually have to go and talk to a person... something like "Hi, do you mind introducing me to some of your friends?" which may work only sometimes.

              - Volodya

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