> they can also in theory replace all of your peers,
> and thus know what keys you are downloading/uploading.
Isn't the content also encrypted?  What good are the keys for to lead back to 
the originating node?

>> Given that this would take quite a bit of effort and time,
>> is there the possibility of putting in the network some decoy nodes
>> (honey-pots) that could lead to the violators?

> Sure, if you don't mind having your node seized :b.
But that would be the idea, lead to a node with no value.
There would be nothing in this node (neither one of the two caches used by 

> -- you actually (hopefully) know and trust each of your peers,
> unlike opennet strangers. 
May be I have watched too many 007 movies, but what if one of your trusted 
peers is actually a double agent?
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