On Friday 18 Feb 2011 19:40:59 Dennis Nezic wrote:
> On Fri, 18 Feb 2011 19:01:10 +0100, folkert wrote:
> > What about that the freenet daemon periodically
> > (configurable/disable-ble of course) announces itself on the lan(s) to
> > which it is connected? That way freenet-nodes can interconnect and
> > speed up distribution of data.

There is a plugin:
This uses it to announce FCP, but you still need to open FCP to the LAN...

I think this is also possible with UPnP. Not sure if we use it there.
> Data distribution on Freenet doesn't work like that. Data segments are
> actually spread all across Freenet, ideally with no particular peer
> having a large portion of a large splitfile. I don't think having fast
> random LAN connections would speed things up -- the bottleneck will
> still be the LAN's connection to the Internet. (Not to mention the fact
> that it would be at least somewhat less secure. (Better chance of
> traffic analysis and such tricks against you.))

We did think about an "is the lan trusted?" option some time ago. This would 
both announce and open FCP and Fproxy. Unfortunately defining "the lan" is 
hard, when big untrusted NATed networks (e.g. ISPs in russia etc) often use 
private address space, and autodetecting it *reliably* is also hard.

You should however peer with the other computers on your LAN, if you know their 
operators, of course. Which hopefully you do if the LAN is trusted!

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