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(please pardon if this is a duplicate)

In <20060824011148.GA25156 at> Matthew Toseland <toad at> wrote:
>Why bother even anonymizing your emails if you insist on running an
>unsupported (and therefore seriously insecure) operating system?

Because that operating system is what I have available.  I don't have $300 US 
to run
out and buy XP Pro and become current and more secure, so I have to make do the 
I am able and thanks to a hardware firewall and safe practices on my part, This
machine IS secure and I defy you or anyone else to prove otherwise.

Please, Do NOT suggest switching to Linux, I've tried it and my hardware will 
not support it's demands.  Again, this is a matter of money that unlike SOME 
people, I don't have a hell
of lot of so I therefore make do with what I have, Thus my original statement:

>> I will be glad to try it out, once it can be used in win98

Now, back to my original need: is there anyone out there who IS using 0.7 on 
Will you please (in as exacting detail as possible) give procedures for getting 
it going?
I've searched google and the list archives and tried everything I've found so 
to no avail.

Thank you for all the help I need.


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