What about a pipe to the 0.5 freenet from 0.7 that allows access to the 
data? A 1-way street. 0.7 can add  data to the 0.7 freenet, but can and to 
the 0.5 freenet. Only access the data. From what I have gathered, 
'inserting' data into freenet is not a quick task.

As I see it 0.7 relies on a bunch of people hooking up by sharing node 
information. I may be a part of a freenet 0.7 network that consists of less 
than 20 people. Out there somewhere else is another group of people, but 
that group might be 100 people. Unless someone in the 2 groups makes a 
connection, shares node information, the 2 groups don't talk to each other. 
Making matters worse, the only connection they have is through that one 
shared connection. There is no redundancy. Am I wrong in this assumption?

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>To: support at freenetproject.org
>Subject: Re: [freenet-support] Freenet 0,5 and 0,7
>Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 15:01:46 -0400
>Freenet 0.5 is an opennet. You connect to any random node that happens
>to be on. Freenet 0.7 doesn't have this yet. In 0.7, there is no main
>network. There might be now, but the idea of the way it currently is
>setup is to allow small groups to connect without connecting to
>everyone else. Pretty much, there's nowhere for the content to go.
>It'd be like trying to move everything on the internet to your local
>That, and it's just a complete program re-write I believe. It's quite
>easy to 'convert' the content...open a page, save it, and then
>re-upload it. The data stores work differently, and anyways the data
>is distributed, so there wouldn't be any easy way to move it over.
>On 8/24/06, diddler4u at hotmail.com <diddler4u at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>I've got a question for the developers.
>>First a couple of comments.
>>I've been watching the thread 0.5 vs 0.7, and although you want to move it
>>somewhere else I welcome it.
>>I brought up 0.7 about 5 days ago. It's been running ever since, I think. 
>>don't monitor the PC that it is on, but I do see activity on the router 
>>for the PC. I didn't much like the idea of asking people to let me access
>>Freenet through them, but I did. I still think that is a good idea to gain
>>initial access to Freenet, but after that it should go find other nodes 
>>establish connections to them. I shouldn't have to always rely on the ones
>>that were on IRC chat at the time I decided to set up the application.
>>That said, here is by question.
>> >From what I've seen here, there is a huge base of Freenet users on 0.5, 
>>a large amount of content. What I fail to understand is why going to 
>>0.7 all of that userbase and content was dropped. Why there was no way to
>>connect to that Freenet and have access to the users and the content. I've
>>tried to think of an example of some other internet application that made
>>such a radical change that the entire existing base was dropped, and quite
>>frankly I can't come up with one. I've seen application for my PC change 
>>radically the data from the old application had to be converted before it
>>would work, but a migration path was always provided. Developers, why did
>>you do that?
>>I'm new to the Freenet community, and I find it incredulous that years of
>>effort involved with building the Freenet community was abandoned
>>completely. What you have created is a 0.5 and a 0.7 Freenet; both will
>>exist into the future. Just as many security conscious people quit 
>>PGP after 6.52 because source code was no longer readily available, many
>>people will quit upgrading Freenet after 0.5. The difference is with PGP a
>>file encrypted with 6.52 can be read by the newer versions. Freenet has
>>isolated all of it's previous userbase and content.
>>There is a saying, "Throwing out the baby with the bath water." You have
>>done just that.
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