On Tue, 29 Aug 2006 22:39:59 +0200, you wrote:
> nobody at geonosis.homelinux.net wrote:
> > Please, Do NOT suggest switching to Linux, I've tried it and my hardware 
> > will not
> > support it's demands.  Again, this is a matter of money that unlike SOME 
> > people, I
> > don't have a hell
> >
> I suggest linux. There are many versions of it, some of them designed to
> run on very poor hardware with insufficient ram.
> Money is not an excuse for using a bad OS.
> Just look for a minimalist linux. There are many good window managers
> like IceWM (IIRC) which won't demand much memory.

Perhaps I was not sufficiently clear.  Linux is not an acceptable answer.
Machine limitations are a major part of that, but other considerations
that I am not at liberty to discuss are also a factor.

Changing OS is not an option no matter what.  I have made poor choices due
to financial limitations and now am locked into those choices for at least
another 9.85 years.  <whine>(and yeah, it sucks to be me.)</whine>

On the other hand, I have seen reports of people successfully running 0.7
on a Windows 98 computer with little difficulty.  Because of this, I do not
comprehend the apparent reluctance to divulge the requested help.

I would consider Entropy except for the fact that it has always been slower
than shit and has not released a new version in over a year

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