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> My terminology was wrong: I should have said 'inserts', not 'uploads'. 

for the most part we use the two terms interchangeably

>Under 'Current Activity' I see 'Inserts', 'Requests', and 'Transferring 

Ah, that's what you meant?
I thought you were talking about the upload/download (formerly 'queue') page
If you were talking about the Current Activity page, you can disregard my 
answer to the other thread you initiated.

>I know that other nodes send requests, and that chunks of files are then sent 
>to those nodes, but I thought I had to initiate an 'Insert'.

Yes you have to initiate an insert. That's when you choose a file from your box 
and upload it to the freenet distributed storage. That's an insert, which we 
often refer to as an upload.

> So, is an 'insert' and an 'upload' the same thing?

Even tho we often refer to insertions as 'uploads' that's not really the same 
thing. Techincally, an upload is something from your datastore (therefore 
already inserted into freenet) that's being transferred from your node to 
another. That's an upload. Content already on freenet.

An insert on the other hand, is a file that you have on your box and you wish 
to make available on freenet, so you 'insert' it. This is often referred to as 
'uploading' to freenet, it may sound kind of of confusing but most of the times 
when we say 'uploading' but mean 'inserting', the real meaning is self-evident 
from the contest (if not, just ask)

> Also, would any files being inserted come from the cache? Or are any other 
> folders on my computer 'shared'?

Uploaded can come to cache. A file that's traveling to node A to node D through 
nodes B and C, is copied into the cache of all the boxes along the way (B and 
C). But an upload can also come from your store, when the files (or encrypted 
chunks) that are being trasnmitted are found in your store rather than using 
your node as a transit point along a route.

NOTE: Everything in this post may be bullshit. I can't code and I don't really 
understand Freenet, I can only use it. I 'think' I have understood some 
concepts but don't take my word for revealed truth. At least not until someone 
more competent confirms what I say (or calls it BS).

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