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Richard Vickery spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Your "point of contact" is your company's IT department; we are
> merely volunteers. Are you aware of the term "open source"?‎

I realize you retracted this comment, but this sort of thing is
becoming common (again) on this list. This comment is not directed
entirely at you, you simply have the misfortune of being my example.

Users, please do not take it upon yourselves to "defend" Pidgin or
Pidgin developers. We are perfectly capable of doing so ourselves.
Most indignant user responses like this that arrive on the list are

In this case, AOL has reached out to us, proactively, to notify us of
a change in the protocol that is going to affect Pidgin and libpurple
users. Asking for a specific point of contact to work through this is
a VERY reasonable thing to do. AOL's engineers are paid, and spending
time with a dedicated Pidgin developer at an established time is the
best use of everyone involved's time and effort.

I suspect this specific comment was a reaction to the language, not
the content, and that is why it was retracted. However, rude
responses to other corporate employees are not necessary, either; I
have, for example, a form response that I send to confused Oracle
employes that is much more useful and helpful than the snark often
sent by list members -- particularly list members who have to have
seen my rote response multiple times, and do not even include the help
desk URL it contains.

This is a community. I often send impatient and brusque emails,
myself (the archives are proof of that), but I do try to direct them
at those who deserve it. Please do the same!


Thanks Ethan, 

This is very useful‎! My retraction was actually because my comment was late by 
at least 15 minutes even before I began reading what I was replying to and 
other more useful replies - where mine was completely useless, both in tone and 
content - were posted. Although I would like to point out, in defence, that if 
comments similar in content had not been made in the past, likely at least 
started by developers, my comments would never be made.

My apologies, 


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