Donald Le spake unto us the following wisdom:
> We will sunset the authorizers and
> used by your clients today.
> Notes: 53809 unique logins in July 2016, 54003 in August 2016 and 50810 to
> date in September 2016.

I believe we only use these when people have trouble using a method we
call "clientLogin" that uses  I'm not sure if
this is the same or not.

> Your client has a distID = 0 and "no" DevID. The new authentication path
> requires a valid distID and DevID.

I believe that this is because we have tried multiple times to get IDs
and were unable to get in contact with anyone who could/would issue
them to us.

Note that libpurple (the IM communication library underlying Pidgin)
is used by multiple clients, and this may affect this issuance.

> We will upgrade our AIM client (Legacy, Web and Mobile) in the coming month.

We appreciate the heads up, although more lead time would of course
have been easier to coordinate.

I will be mostly unavailable over the next few weeks, so hopefully
another developer can schedule a conference call.


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