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> It seems to me if a person wanted to cut fuel use all they would have to
> do is change the system of public transport.  Instead of charging a set
> amount for city busses, charge a nickel between numbered mile stops.  A
> person is more likely to run for bread in a bus for ten cents than get
> clipped for a buck or more for a short distance.  Wouldn't it be better
> to have a thousand full busses going everywhere in a town than 25,000
> cars covering the same places with constant engine starts between
> points.  Of course it wouldn't hurt to run the busses every five to ten
> minutes apart instead of  every twenty or whatever.
Yea, they run about once every 45 min to an hour here, and even then they
don't make any garentees about time and service.   One time I needed the bus
to get to an interview across town, twenty min. if I had my car, I left 2
hrs early, half way thru, the ride, had to switch to a cab because with 30
min left, I was barley halfway to were I needed to be. I then took the bus
back to the interview, and it took 3 hrs. to get home, and this is a small

I'll never ride a bus again if I have a choice.

Greg H.

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