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> I am sorry to hear about the poor bus system Greg.  I live in Portland, OR
> and the bus system here is great.  I take the bus to school, work, play,
> everything inbetween.  The bus system seems to run on time + or - 5
> at the most.

What area of Portland? I lived in the Tigard area just the other side of the
Beverton city limit, for 18 months, just a few years ago.

I know that Portland has a fairly good bus system.

> I live outside the city so I like the fact that bus system doesn't charge
> mileage(!) but I agree that to many it seems like a pain to pay a dollar
> head up to the store.  I don't know if it is true or not, but my dad used
> tell me that to run a car (on top of the subsidized price we pay for gas
> the environmental damage it does) it costs around $1 to $2 a mile to run
> upkeep and insurance.  If this is the case, then buses could be cheaper,
> just don't realize it.

Around here, last time I road the bus, think that it cost about a doller,
I've heard a rumor that it's up to 1.50 or so.  at that rate, a car is a
better deal even at $1.50 a mile, because of all the time saved, if for
nothing else.

Greg H.

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