Do you have a sense of direction or scope for this, or will it just go where the on-line community participants take it?

Is there a desire to use IT for small scale food production, along the lines of Farmbot (, or developing human-powered or other environmentally friendly yard / farming tools (such as the the Greens Machines -, or slanting towards sustainable practices, plant selection and similar?

I'm being pulled in a lot of directions just now (and still posting most days on keiths-list) so just trying to get a sense of objectives.


On 3/16/2017 11:33 AM, Chip Mefford wrote:

Good day all of you who are left,

I really want to thank everyone who has sent their
thoughts on taking the list down. There have been
some, , no, not some, all, great stories.

Before I take the list down, ,
I was wondering how many of you are still interested in keeping
something like this going.

reason I ask is that I am becoming involved in a
new software project that I find very exciting, and
hence have chosen to do the work to update my
respective servers, including the mailing list server.

Kind of a pain in the neck, I went through a life-change
over the last 6 years, and walking away from all things
IT was part of that. Since I had many dangling obligations
(being a denizen of the internet) I tapered it all down
to where about the only thing I was responsible for was
this mailing list. However, that particular attempt
at resolving some things in my life by not doing
systems administration have cropped back up again,
so that wasn't the fix for which I had hoped.

So, it doesn't make sense really to abandon all those
skills I had developed, even though I am moving into
my dotage, (heh) but rather to double down and dive back

The project of which I speak is FarmOS

Take a look, give me some feedback, if there is interest,
I'll migrate some or all of this list into a new

Thanks kindly for your attention in this matter;

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Darryl McMahon
Project Manager
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