Good info, too bad it never happened!

As far as modern games go, I would consider some of the Tex Murphy adventures as classics. Overseer was a bit of a let-down (I think it was the first game ever on DVD, however, which makes it somewhat interesting), but Under A Killing Moon and The Pandora Directive are good. Particularly Pandora... it's actually more than good. It's an excellent game, and unlike many modern ones, it takes more than a day or two to complete! I'm not sure how much these go for on eBay, although I know Martian Memorandum regularly sells for $30-$50.

Jim Leonard wrote:

Stephane Racle wrote:

If I recall, the "real" sequel to Wasteland was called "Mean Time" and was never released. Something about the project being abandoned... perhaps someone here knows how much work was actually done on it? I'm going from memory here, I could be wrong.

You're correct; has more info. The project got as far as an Apple prototype. However, it turned out to be "just another game using its engine, like Foutain of Dreams."

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